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Żmigród District lies in the belt of Central Polish Lowlands, in the Macroregion of the Milicz-Głogów Depression, in the Mesoregion of the Żmigród Basin, on the northern outskirts of the Province of Lower Silesia. In the north it borders on Rawicz District, in the east on Milicz District, in the south on Prusice District, in the south-west on Wołów District and in the west on Wińsko District. The total area of the District is 292 km2.
The northern and eastern outskirts of the district are covered by big forest complexes, which occupy in total 29 % of the district area. Near the villages of Niezgoda, Radziądz, Ruda Żmigrodzka, Osiek, Jamnik and Sanie there are fishing ponds with an area of 1,427 ha, which makes 4.5 % of the district area. The fishing farms specialize in breeding carp, they deliver their products onto the domestic and foreign markets. Commercial fishing grounds are also a big attraction for anglers. The Forest District Office in Żmigród also grows ornamental bushes (for example rhododendrons) in natural forest conditions, which is considered as an innovative method. The forests are home to deer, fallow deer, roe deer etc. The hunting grounds are popular with hunters from Poland and abroad. Out of 15,258 inhabitants, 6,477 people live in Żmigród itself and 8,781 in the remaining 30 villages of the district. The local economy is based mainly on widely understood agriculture, farming and breeding. Bigger and smaller farms cooperate with the Bank Spółdzielczy and private firms providing services to the agricultural sector. Recently, there has been a big demand for services connected with this branch, this is why the district can offer potential investors buildings and real property, mainly from the former state farms, for the development of infrastructure connected with agriculture.
However Żmigród is not only agriculture. Across the district, especially in the town itself, there is a wide network of services from different branches – shops, wholesale outlets and companies with different profiles. From the food industry to garages, transport services and construction firms – virtually every branch of business is represented in our area. The dynamics of the development of new companies is quite notable. Besides, the district is the seat of such institutions as the Experimental Track (one of few of its kind in Europe), managed by the Railway Engineering Research Centre from Warsaw, or the Roads and Bridges Research Institute, which does research and development work connected with innovations in transport on a global scale. The company Energomontaż Zachód, which makes specialist steel structures in Poland and abroad, has also been operating in Żmigród for many years. There are altogether several hundred firms in the district (800 firms are registered now).
20 sierpnia 2017
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